MoNoise [ Maurice Noisette ]. I am a self-taught artist from Charleston, SC. I’ve always had a love for the arts. Visual arts is what I leaned towards at a young age. My passion for drawing flourished into a career in architecture. After completing school, I moved to Seattle to pursue m career. During my journey, I was inspired to start creating again after some time away from art.

What drives and inspires me as an artist is, freedom. As an artist I have the ability to be fully in control and express myself without limits. My art cannot be censored, regulated or tampered with in any way. The challenge of pushing my creative limits drives me as an artist. My art is a reflection of my reality, thoughts and values. I’m deeply inspired by the people in my family, inner circle of friends and the various aspects of my culture as a Black American man. My form of expression has an urban feel rooted in illustration and hand-drawing. It is a manifestation of personal experiences and influences, providing insight into my stream of consciousness. Mediums include ink, acrylic paint, graphic design and digital illustrations.

My goal as an artist is to inspire others and share my story. Artists are storytellers and historians. It is a direct reflection of the world around us at times. If my art leaves a positive impact or moves people, then I feel that my art has fulfilled its purpose.


EXhibits & Experience

MoNoise at Essentia

Solo Exhibition

Seattle, WA

January 2018 - March 2018

Solo Showing

Ballard Night Out 

Solo Live Painting Session & Group Exhibition

Verity Credit Union

Seattle, WA

December 2017

ACES: Artists of Color Expo & Symposium

Group Exhibition — Hosted by Shunpike

Seattle, WA

November 2017

Beat-Smith Ball

Solo Live Painting Session & Group Exhibition

Seattle, WA

October 2017

Live Painting & Showing

Gallery Onyx Spring Showcase

Group Exhibition

Gallery Onyx

Seattle, WA

May 2017 - July 2017


Seattle Refined - “Artist of The Week: Maurice Noisette” — Gena Wynkoop

September, 2017

Art Practical - “MoNoise at Essentia - A Memory Foam Mattress Store” — Meshell Sturgis

March, 2018